Zero Balancing provides sustained benefits with recent scientific research demonstrating a 61% reduction in stress levels following a session.
Neuro Synchrony Institute 2017

What is Zero Balancing?

Zero Balancing or 'ZB' is a leading-edge body-mind therapy that helps to facilitate well-being and good health. It is unique and distinctive from other bodyworks in that it addresses and balances both the body’s energy and its skeletal structure. It does this simultaneously and consciously.

Using a gentle, non-invasive touch that maintains a clear interface between the client and the practitioner, I use a sequence of held stretches and light pressure at key joints and areas that hold energetic tension. ZB works as both energy medicine and hands-on manual therapy by introducing clearer, stronger energy fields to areas that are not functioning optimally and are therefore underpinning health issues that have manifested in body, mind or spirit.

The experience and after effects of a Zero Balancing Session work to restore and maintain wellness, ease musculoskeletal pain and allow the client to deeply relax in to a meditative state.

Zero Balancing provides sustained benefits with recent scientific research demonstrating a 61% reduction in stress levels following a session (Neuro Synchrony Institute 2017).

As well as enjoying better health, regular clients often report marked shifts in their consciousness and state of being. This allows them to be more at ease and to navigate the flows of life in a more neutral and balanced way.

Skeletal Energy

Zero Balancing works with the bones which hold our deepest and oldest memories and carry an energetic imprint of all our life’s experiences. During a Zero Balancing session, I work with the skeletal structure and the energy flowing in and around it.

This helps to release deeply and chronically held tensions in the physical, mental and emotional bodies that are often at the root cause of illness. Zero Balancing is suitable for all ages and fitness levels and is especially useful after a physical or emotional shock and trauma.

Fritz Frederick Smith

Zero Balancing History

Zero Balancing or ‘ZB’ as it is known, was developed in 1973 by American osteopath and M.D. Fritz Frederick Smith, who at 90 years old is still a practitioner and teacher in Palm Springs USA.

Fritz’ initially worked in allopathic medicine as a traditional M.D and osteopathic physician and surgeon, which he practiced for seventeen years. After studying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture with JR Worsley in the UK and exploring other Eastern philosophies of healthcare and meditation, he devised ZB as a bodywork therapy based on structural acupressure that utilised principles derived from both Eastern and Western approaches to medicine.

ZB is therefore underpinned by a practical and rigorous scientific approach to bodywork using osteopathic techniques and a knowledge of anatomical structure and physiology but at the same time addresses and works with energy or ‘Chi’.

Neil McDermott
I find my treatments with Ross really valuable. He has a professional, nurturing manner which puts me at ease immediately. During treatment I feel safe and incredibly relaxed as the treatment progresses. I’m left feeling thoroughly balanced in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Bel Silcox /
Neil McDermott
I have been for many ZB treatments with Ross as I find them so beneficial.  It's an amazing form of body work that gets to the core of energy blockages in a non invasive way.  You feel great after the treatments. Highly recommended.
Mr M
Neil McDermott
I have been receiving fortnightly Zero Balancing sessions with Ross for the last five months and have carried on even after my initial symptoms resolved. This is largely due to the unexpected benefit of a profound shift in my perspective and a sense of joy that I had forgotten was possible! I would recommend Zero Balancing to anyone who is looking for a deceptively simple means to access inner-peace, an awakening of creativity or renewed sense of purpose.
Mrs J

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