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For first time clients there is an initial consultation where I will take a medical history and listen to what the client is looking to achieve. Each subsequent session then starts with a short discussion regarding the things that the client would like to address as well as an opportunity to review any changes since the last session. During Zero Balancing, the client remains fully clothed lying on their back and it takes around 40 minutes to complete. Sessions are normally booked for one hour to allow for the initial discussion and for a period of integration after the session. For those familiar with Yoga, it can be beneficial to have a short period of rest on the couch at the end of a ZB, similar to ‘shavasana'. This signifies the end of the work and allows the body to re-awaken gradually and to adjust to any shifts that might have occurred.

During the session, I work sequentially performing a series of structural and energetic assessments and then work to balance the bodies energy and structure by addressing areas where there might be held tension including the spine, ribs, hips, feet, head and neck and upper back. This is done via gentle pressure and held stretches that create 'fulcrums'  around which the body's energy can re-organise. This is maintained with stillness and attention with pauses in the work to allow for any change and re-organisation to occur. I use my bodyweight to leverage and influence the depth and quality of touch and therefore my connection to the clients body and it’s energy fields. At no time do I add or take away from the clients own energy as there is always an energetic 'interface' or boundary meaning the ZB signature touch feels safe to receive.

For clients who are new to Zero Balancing but familiar with other bodywork modalities, the experience could be described as having some commonality with osteopathy, acupressure and shiatsu. However, because Zero Balancing is so distinctive and unique, the best way to feel how it can benefit you is to book a session and experience it for yourself!

Zero Balancing Practitioners

Zero Balancing Practitioners

In the UK, Zero Balancing practitioners are all taught, mentored and regulated by ZB UK Ltd.

There are many Zero Balancers based all over the world. In recent years the Zero Balancing Touch Foundation, head quartered in the USA, has been set up to provide the education and scientific research that has helped to position Zero Balancing as a leading and progressive therapeutic tool. Zero Balancing is well recognised globally alongside other mainstream alternative healthcare modalities.

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West Dorset based Zero Balancing Space provides a peaceful and healing space in which to experience the benefits of Zero Balancing. Short breaks and retreats are available at The Tree House, the perfect base for exploring Lyme Regis, Bridport and The Jurassic Coast.

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